The River Smith Tribute Shirt is now on sale

Tribute Shirt in honor of Granger Smith's late son will benefit a Texas hospital
Granger Smith and wife Amber are honoring their late son, River Kelly Smith, with a new T-shirt that benefits the Dell Children’s Medical Center.
River, 3, was cared for by the staff at Dell Children’s Medical Center in Central Texas after a tragic accident that ultimately took his life on June 6.
The River Smith Tribute Shirt, which is on sale now for $21.99, features an excavator adorned with “Riv.” River’s favorite activity was watching excavators scoop dirt. The shirt is available in red, River’s favorite color. 100 percent of the proceeds will benefit Dell Children’s Medical Center.
The River Smith Tribute Shirt is now on sale.
100% of the proceeds will go to Dell Childrens Medical Center in honor of River Kelly Smith. River was Granger and Amber Smith’s youngest son who tragically passed away on June 6, 2019.
— Yee Yee Apparel (@YeeYeeApparel) June 10, 2019