Press Release: Wichita's First Incredible Race!

“Wichita, KS: Super Car Guys and will come together to create Wichita’s first event that showcases small businesses throughout Wichita. Contestants of the event will spend a week racing across Wichita completing various tasks at small businesses. The event culminates to a rooftop party where the winner of the race will receive a car from Super Car Guys. Furthermore, the race ends on Wichita’s Birthday. To celebrate, the Incredible Race will be teaming up with the local event Level UP to throw a giant birthday party for Wichita.

“We want to do something incredible for Wichita,” says Noah Taylor, Director of Marketing for Super Car Guys. “This race will be something where everyone in Wichita can get involved.”

Hopeful contestants will submit a video up to 30 seconds of them and their partner showcasing their Wichita pride. From the submissions, the race committee will select four teams of two. The people of Wichita will decide the fifth team. During the event, people can come out to the businesses to support the teams, and win prizes themselves.”

“The New 107.9 and Wichita Union Stockyards will be involved in a Big Way in this future Event.  Stand by for further details!”