MERCHANT ALERT - Credit Card Skimmers

The Winfield Police Department has recently been receiving numerous complaints from citizens whose debit/credit card numbers have been compromised.
Citizens have reported their debit/credit card numbers have been used for unauthorized purchases outside of the Winfield area. It is believed that credit card skimmers may have been used to steal the debit/credit card information and this information was used to “clone” the victim’s card.
The police department is working with all affected businesses and is investigating these incidents. We are asking for the public’s help in being extra vigilant anytime they use their debit/credit card at an outdoor gas pump and or outdoor ATM. Everyone is asked to contact the police department if they do see any suspicious devices on these readers, or any signs that a credit card reader has been tampered with.
Anyone who may have information relating to these incidents can contact the Winfield Police Department at (620)221-5555. Those wishing to remain anonymous can submit at tip through Cowley County Crime Stoppers at (620)221-7777 or you can submit tips online at: