Email from a Fan for life!

What a special email we received from Justin! Thanks for listening to "The New 107.9" KWLS!
From: Kathy
Sent: Monday, February 12, 2018 8:12 AM
To: Tina Andra
Dear Tina and Mike,
What a pleasure to meet such a down to earth couple who loves country music the way it used to be.
We bought our tickets at your booth at the homeshow from Mike and he casually offered the meet and greet option. Of course we said yes , what a nice surprise. We thought he was one of your sales people or maybe a DJ at the station. Lol!
We were again surprised to arrive with our tickets and this sweet, perky lady at the table welcòmed us with such joy and excitement because this Mike dude had told her he had given us the meet and greet.
To our surprise, these sweet people turned out to be the wonderful owners of KWLS radio. We have to say we love your laid back, down home, make you feel like you are family, style!
Thank you so much for sponsoring such a nice concert, with Billy Dean. It was nice to hear good country music again without all the noise and lights. Just good music. The small venue was perfect and the dance floor was wonderful. And the price was affordable.
Since Justin works in the ER on Valentines day and all the next weekend, this became our early Valentines treat to each other and one we will remember for a long time.
Thanks again for everything! You have new fans for life!!
Justin and Kathy